Pray for These Churches This Month

We encourage everyone to take seriously God's call upon our lives to pray earnestly.  It is our desire to see this district - pastors, churches, ministries, communities and district staff - bathed in fervent prayer.  Let us seek after God with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength and yearn to see His Kingdom come to this region we call "home".  If that is to occur, then we need to hold one another up in prayer and ask God to move in wonderful ways throughout this district." 

Please pray for the specific pastor, their family, the church and its leaders....  Pray for the ministries of that church, especially the ones that are touching the lives of unbelievers and the community where the church is planted.  You might also choose to write a brief note of encouragement to the ones you are praying for that week.

Here are August 2019's Churches:

We are listing several each week so we can have all of our churches prayed for in one year.

Week of August 4, 2019

Winchester UMC

Pastor Greg Roberts




Aberdeen UMC

Pastor Carol Harper



Week of August 11, 2019

Alma UMC

Pastor Keith Richardson




Andersonville UMC

Pastor Dennie Ray


Week of August 18, 2019

Auburn UMC

Pastor Mary Cyrus


Austin UMC

Pastor Neil Foster



Week of August 25, 2019

Bainbridge UMC

Pastor Matt Brookes



Bear Creek UMC

Pastor Frances Newman



Week of September 1, 2019

Beaver Emmanual UMC

Pastor Chris Clark



Beaver Faith UMC

Pastor Brian Hedden