Thank You from Vietnam Missionary, Quynh-Hoa Nguyen

 November 23, 2017

Dear friends,
I am now back to Vietnam after visiting churches for 11 weeks. It was my first long-time itineration. Though it was a time of “living out of a suitcase,” I had much for which to be grateful.
I give thanks for the blessing of relationship and partnership in mission. I was deeply moved that every church I visited, big and small, had glad and generous hearts for mission. Thank you for the extra efforts you made, the joy you brought, and the generosity you shared as you came together to support the mission. Thanks for letting God work through you in bringing love and transformation to many vulnerable lives in Vietnam.
I also give thanks for the new connection and partnership that gave so much hope and inspiration for present and future ministries in Vietnam. I pray for our beginning of relationship in ministry to be fruitful. I am inexpressively thankful for your hospitality. My itineration was rewarded with comfortable stays, delicious food,  special treats including refreshing walks, music concerts, a county fair, sightseeing, especially a visit to the Capitol. I also really enjoyed watching beautiful
nature along the road. I just did not get to see the fall colors and the deer that I had so much wanted to see!
I thank you the gift of friendship. It was wonderful to meet friends again, enjoying the food, the talk, the laughter, celebrating the good things and sharing the concerns together. I was also so glad to make new friends in ministry. My
itineration was complete with you, my dear friends. 
I must thank Global Ministries Itineration staff and the Conference Secretaries for working hard to bring together all the churches and individuals who loved and supported the mission. I really appreciated all the arrangements and connections that made it possible for me to come and share the fruit we have together produced in Vietnam.
I join you in prayer that the partnership God has so faithfully provided through you continues to produce much fruit of love, compassion, transformation, and leadership in Vietnam.