District Goals for the 2017-2020 Quadrennium

To my Brothers and Sisters of the Shawnee Valley District,

I am so grateful for who you are and what you do to bring God’s Kingdom to the 9 counties of our District and beyond. You are truly striving to be good neighbors to those all around us. Please observe in your church and community the various ways we are already accomplishing our mission to make disciples for the transformation of the world as well as opportunities we can still live out. Your church and many others are being used by God to share the good news of Jesus Christ and are inviting others to experience the love and grace of God but we are not finished yet. Please see the attached District Vision! I write because we are part of something bigger than ourselves as the Body of Christ and the United Methodist Church. There is a BIG Vision and Mission we play a role in as disciples of Jesus Christ. Our United Methodist Church has challenged us to be in ministry around the denomination’s Four Areas of Focus:

1) Developing principled Christian leaders for the church and the world

2) Creating new places for new people and renewing existing congregations

3) Engaging in ministry with the poor

4) Stamping out the killer diseases of poverty by improving health globally

Here are the denomination’s goals for 2017-2020

1) Developing 3,000,000 principled Christian leaders who are helping to make a difference in our world for Christ

2) 1,000,000 new disciples who know Christ, are growing in Christ, serve Christ and are sharing Christ

3) 400 communities that are addressing issues of poverty and ministry with the poor

4) Reaching 1,000,000 children with life-saving interventions

Let me bring those numbers down to our local level. If we are to do our part as a District in reaching these goals then here is our task on a yearly basis between now and 2020. I want you and your congregation to do your part by embracing the challenge of the following SHV goals:

SHV Goals for the Next Quadrennium- Years of 2017-2020

1) New Churches, New Faith Communities, New Places for New People

Definitions (not limited to):

  • New Church (worship, discipleship, mission and connection to the larger church)- Satellite Campus/Second Service/Video Venue, Multiplying Parent Church, Vital Mergers, Parachute Drop, Adoptions, Restarts, Partnerships, Chartered Church, Church within a Church (to create a different culture than exists).
  • New Faith Community- Fresh Expressions, Missional Communities, House Churches
  • New Place- Outreach Events, New Worship Services Within Existing Churches, Small Groups

Shawnee Valley District Goals:

  • 1 new church between 2017-2020
  • 3 new faith communities each year
  • 35 new places for new people each year

2) New Disciples

Shawnee Valley District Goal: 

  • 137 new disciples each year

3) Children Saved from a Killer Disease

Shawnee Valley District Goal

  • 137 Children saved from Malaria (times $10 a child) = $1,370 given each year

4) Development of Principled, Christian Leaders

Shawnee Valley District Goal:

  • 412 leaders who are developed and mentored per year

5) Communities Struggling with Poverty that are Transformed

Shawnee Valley District Goal:

  • Two Communities- Portsmouth and Chillicothe- are focused on for transformation between 2017-2020

Each year when I gather with all our pastors at their one on ones I ask them to fill out a Leadership Audit sheet. I did not receive a report from every pastor this past summer but did receive one from a good majority of them. Let me report on what has happened so far from the Summer of 2016- Summer of 2017:

1) Developed 236 principled Christian leaders (412 is our goal for 2017-18)

2) 147 New Disciples (Congratulations!! We exceeded our goal of 137 new disciples and look forward to making new disciples this coming year!) We created 88 new small groups, new outreach events or new worship services (Congratulations!! We exceeded our goal!) We want to create one new church between now and 2020 as well as 3 Fresh Expressions each year into the future

3) The District will be choosing two communities in our District to focus on in the coming years around the issue of poverty- Chillicothe and Portsmouth

4) We want to continue our support of Imagine No Malaria as we sponsor 137 children (or more) each year

I am excited about what God has in store for us in the years to come! May we remain faithful to Christ as well as the vision and mission of the church. May we pray diligently for each other and the folks who live all around us! To God Be The Glory!

In Christ’s Love, Brent