Mission & Ministry Stories

Jackson Christ - Feed My Starving Children (11/16)

Christ United Methodist Church in Jackson, Ohio accepted the challenge to meet a basic need of starving children in the world.  The church partnered with Feed My Starving Children and a God-sized goal was set to pack 225,000 mobile meal packs and raise $50,000 for the cause. 

The Mobile Pack event was held in the church’s Family Life Center on October 14 and 15, 2016 (Read More)

Resurrection Hope UMC Homeless Ministry (09/16)

The snow is blowing, the temperature dips to the teens. The homeless are hungry!  The sun is beating down, the temperature is in the 90’s. The homeless are hungry!  Regardless of the weather, the homeless are still there. At Resurrection Hope UMC, we take that seriously. (Read More) 

300 People Attend Pool Party in Jeffersonville (08/16)

The West Ohio Conference has promoted community partnerships. An example of how  that can be successful was the free family pool party that was held on August 4 in Jeffersonville. Jeffersonville UMC; Grace UMC, Washington Court House; Jeffersonville Masonic Lodge; and Jefferson Ohio Eastern Star worked together to provide a ministry that attracted 300 people. Anything in Jeffersonville that attracts 300 people is a major accomplishment. (Read More)

Coal Grove UMC recognized by United Methodist Rural Advocates (06/16)

Coal Grove UMC has been selected by the West Ohio United Methodist Rural Advocates (WO-UMRA) as the Shawnee Valley District Vital Town and Country Church for 2016.  This recognition carries with it a grant of $500.00 to use on a mission outreach of the church’s choice  The church is being recognized for the way they are engaging with their local community through Risk Taking Service and Mission as well as embodying the other aspects of vital churches – passionate worship, radical hospitality, extravagant generosity and faith-forming relationships.  Coal Grove was recognized at the WO-UMRA Annual Banquet which was held at Annual Conference, Lakeside, Ohio on Monday, June 5, 2016.

Belfast UMC Celebrates 200 Years of Ministry (08/16)

When much of what is now Highland County was still wilderness, Thomas McCoy, along with his wife and child, arrived in the Belfast area from Bourbon County, Ky. and fashioned a cabin a little northwest of where the village was later established. By 1804 other families had arrived in the area, and in 1804 Job Haigh hosted the first worship service in his home. That first service was led by a Baptist minister, but by 1815 a Methodist minister by the name of the Rev. James Quinn arrived in the area and hosted a service in the home of Samuel Clark near where the Haigh Cemetery stands today.  (READ ARTICLE)


Jackson Christ Looks to Help the World's Hungry

Despite there being enough food for everyone in the world to receive adequate nutrition, an estimated 925 million people are chronically hungry.  This was one point driven home by Jackson’s Christ United Methodist Church Pastor Dave Roach during the Tuesday, June 28 meeting of the Jackson City Schools Board of Education.  He was present that night to share information about a community project being undertaken by his church in hopes of garnering the support of other local organizations, including those from the Jackson School system.  (READ MORE)


Leesburg UMC - 15th Annual Ride for Christ

On June 26, 2016 Leesburg UMC held their 15th annual Ride for Christ. This outreach event is targeted toward motorcyclists and building community with those who may not be connected in Christian community while at the same time raising funds for a local charity. (Read More)

Fruitdale UMC - Clowns for Christ

If you would happen to drop in on a Sunday morning you could be met by "Mini Hands", ""Twisty Donut" or "Strawberry Jam ". These are some of the clowns that make up "Clowns for Christ". (Read More)



Sonners Chapel - One Matters (03/16)

Sonners Chapel is a small country church in a village of 50 to 100 people. “When I walked in the doors it felt like I was getting a big hug. It is a very accepting congregation,” said Pastor Lloyd Shoemaker.  The congregation is tightly knit, providing food to families after funerals and VBS and youth activities for the community. (Read More)

Hillsboro First UMC - Operation Christmas Child (03/16)

Hillsboro First United Methodist Church has been participating in a ministry called "Operation Christmas Child" for several years, and this forms a big part of how we fulfill our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This ministry has a global impact on children throughout the world through the organization of Samaritan's Purse, run by Franklin Graham. (Read More)


Clarksburg UMC's Kid's Club (11/15)

Clarksburg UMC’s Kid’s Club meets on Tuesdays during the school year. We begin each session reciting the “Lord’s Prayer” followed by a nutritious meal prepared and served by members of the church, members of Brown’s Chapel church, or parents and other members of the community. We fear that, if it were not for this meal, a few of our kids would have nothing to eat until lunch at school the next day. (Read More)


Hallsville Involved with Local Ministry "Bed-Brigade" (10/15)

The Community UMC in Hallsville is involved heavily with the local home missions project "The Bed-Brigade." It has been described as a "ministry with a mission." The Bed Brigade is a local mission organization run by volunteers and supported by various financial donations, wood and hardware supplies, and/or manual labor. (Read More)


Richmond Dale After School Ministry (10/15)

The leadership team at Richmond Dale UMC has spent some significant time assessing our assets.  We wanted to find ways that God might uniquely be calling us to minister to a specific need in our community.  Some of the things that we were already doing well involved our work with children.  We have a black light puppet ministry with about twenty five kids involved.  We have a children’s choir with around twenty kids.  We wanted to build on our strengths.  Among our strongest assets is a collection of current and retired teachers with various specific teaching gifts:  English, Chemistry, Physics and TAG certification to name a few.  One of the biggest problems our community has been facing is the struggle that some families and schools are having with the transition to Common Core.  So we felt like we were being called to help.  (Read More)


Chesapeake UMC Opens Maxine's Closet  (10/15)

The Chesapeake United Methodist church is thrilled to announce the opening of Maxine's Closet, a new thrift shop located at 4091/2 3rd Avenue, directly across from Big Branch Road, in Chesapeake, Ohio.  Maxine's Closet specializes of offering gently worn clothes for everyone from infants to adults at an unbeatable price. Shoes and toys are available as well. (Read More)


Thurman Hot Dog Sunday & VBS (07/15)

Celebrities!  Hot Dog, Ketchup, & Mustard!  (Read More)




Jackson Grace UMC Active in Mission Outreach (06/15)

Grace United Methodist Church in Jackson, Ohio is very active in mission outreach.  One outreach conducted by our church several times a year is our clothing distribution.  Clothing is donated by the members of the other churches in Jackson, as well as the local clothesline, and then distributed by Grace UMC.  Volunteers from the church, in conjunction with our outreach committee, conduct the clothing distribution several times each year. A week is set aside in the winter, spring and summer to gather, sort and prepare the clothes for distribution.  To date we have distributed clothing to approximately 1200 people.  Read More.


Kingston UMC Uses the Summer Months to Invite Village to Outdoors Events (06/15)

One of the major events we use is a “Family Fun Day” on a Saturday where we have a large tent set up in our church yard where we have different musical groups presenting concerts throughout the day with sound loud enough to be heard through the Village which attracts  many people to come and sing along.  Read more.


West Union UMC Celebrates 100 Years in Current Building (05/15)

On April 30, 1915, the current structure of the West Union United Methodist Church was dedicated for use to Bring Glory to God and to Build God’s Kingdom upon the Earth.  Today marks the 100th anniversary of this 3rd structure of the West Union United Methodist Church.  (Read More)


New Beginnings Prison Ministry (04/15)

Walnut Street Church’s jail ministry began with a prayer that we pray frequently at Walnut Street Church… “Lord, take us to where you need us, and then give us the courage to be used by you"  (Read more)



Church Donates to Ronald McDonald House (3/15)

Members of a youth Sunday School Class at Oldtown UMC donates $195 to Huntington, WV Ronald McDonald House.  (Read more)


We strive to "nourish the body and soul of the Aberdeen Community" (Aberdeen UMC - 03/15)

The Aberdeen UMC is very small in number, but if you measure by heart they are good sized.  One wall of the copier room is floor to ceiling shelves full of boxed and canned food items as well as disposable diapers and cleaning products.  Any time of the day or night, Kay might get a phone call from someone whose pay check ran out before the month, or someone who just moved into town and had extra expenses.  One Sunday morning after church a couple guys walking from West Virginia to Cincinnati asked if there were any way we could help.  They'd spent the night under the bridge to Maysville.  (Read More)

Reaching into their community and building relationships (Rainsboro UMC - 02/15)

Stop by the church on Wednesday mornings, between 7 and 10 a.m., and you will find a gathering of our community. With no stable restaurant within 8 – 10 miles in any direction, Coffee Is On has become the gathering and networking center of our community. (Read More)


Open Door (Greenfield UMC - 02/15)

The last Saturday of each month generally finds the halls of Greenfield First United Methodist Church filled with the appetizing smells of a hot cooked meal. For some in the Greenfield community it may be the only hot meal they get that day, maybe even for the week. They come and are fed at Open Door, an outreach meal offered to residents of Greenfield by the congregation of Greenfield First United Methodist Church. (Read more)

Letter to the Editor of The Record Herald Newspaper (Center & Spring Grove UMCs - 01/15)

A man on a mission.  Our town of Milledgeville is quiet and everyone stays to themselves.  We give the neighborly wave when we see each other or the acknowledging "hello".  Our children play in their yards or take the occasional bike ride.  Our entertainment is family created.... Up until recently our lives have been calm and predictable....(Read More)


We Bought an Ark! (Winchester UMC - 12/14)

Our fourth through seventh grade Sunday school class, The Bible Kids Rock, chose to support Heifer Internation in 2014.  But they didn't choose a heifer, or a water buffalo.  The chose the goal of the whole ARK! (Read More)


Spirit Sunday (Wheelersburg UMC - 11/14)

The word “spirit” in the dictionary is defined as the quality of courage, energy, and determination or assertiveness. Spirit Sunday, first executed in 2013, was planned to challenge a community to pray and to celebrate the students of our community, who dedicate hours to their teams and activities.  (Read more)


World Communion Sunday Celebrated with Otradney UMC, Russia (Ripley Centenary UMC - 11/14)

Many anniversaries are great; this one was super!  Last year on World Communion Sunday the Centenary UMC in Ripley and the Otradney UMC of the Volga district in Russia celebrated the sacrament together by way of Skype.  It was a great blessing.  This year we brought Rev. Yevgeny Stambrovsky of the Otraney UMC here to reiply to be our guest, to bring us the morning message, and to share the sacremen with us.  (Read more) 

"Outreach Wounds" - It's All Good (Waverly Grace UMC - 11/14)

Grace UMC’s most obvious connection to the unchurched of Waverly, Ohio, is the open use of our facilities by the entire community.  In the last 5-7 years our buildings have become a hive of community activity for the people of Pike County.   We take pride in our “outreach wounds:” stained carpets, broken light fixtures, worn out tables and chairs.  The people of Grace UMC get to meet new, unchurched people with every new group that uses our facilities.  (Read More)

Congregation "Strong in Faith and Practice" (Oldtown UMC - 11/14)

The Oldtown UMC in West Portsmouth, Ohio is making a valuable impact on the surrounding community by examining the collective spiritual gifts found present throughout the members of the church.   Oldtown has been blessed to be a small congregation of many diverse interests. 

The common thread that weaves this church together is the love of Christ and the newfound strength of spirit that is very evident during worship (Read More)

Helping Hands Ministry (Leesburg UMC - 11/14)

Recently, Leesburg UMC launched a new ministry called Helping Hands.  In the past, we have gone on mission trips to do repair work on physical structures in various locales in our area, in the United States, and internationally.  As we have been seeking to find ways to engage our community, it became clear that there is sufficient need all around us. Thus, a new ministry was born. (Read More)

Community Block Party (Coal Grove UMC - 09/2014)

For the past 10 years, Coal Grove Memorial has been intentional about reaching out to the community that they serve in the form of a block party for all the residents. We have been very adamant about making sure that this continues every single year, and is completely free for all who come and participate throughout the day. We noticed when this started, that there was a need for the community to know who we were and why we existed in the community, and with each passing year, it has grown and become a great success. (Read More)

Need-a-Meal Ministry (Trinity UMC, Chillicothe - 09/2014)

Trinity’s Need-A-Meal Ministry has been serving the community for eight years and running. There is 

a solid core of passionate leaders/servants believing they are making a difference. Once a month our ministry team of 18 strives to make a healthy and nutritious meal for about 100 people. Most of those who come to eat are regulars who are on a fixed income, but there are also many “first timers” passing through town. It is an inter-generational atmosphere. They represent local Chillicothe folk and others from the surrounding countryside. Many meet their friends in the Friendship Hall for a social time. (Read More)

"Thirsty Thursday Coffee & Chat" and Toiletry Pantry Join Forces (Georgetown UMC - 08/2014)

God is so incredibly good! Georgetown UMC  has been there/done that just as everyone else over the years. We were the first in our area of Brown County to begin a Community Lunch that was free and open to the public around ten years ago. It has been successful but not the complete picture.  Three years ago the closet food pantry was moved into a large storage area in the rear of the Fellowship Hall. We decided to offer a few toiletry items as we expanded and advertised this ministry. It did not take us long to realize that while the food was appreciated and needed, we were the only pantry that did the toiletries. (Read More)

Sporting Ministries at Cornerstone UMC (08/2014)

For the past eight years Cornerstone has offered basketball to the community through a program called Upwards Sports. The purpose of the program is to offer kids an opportunity to play sports in a family friendly environment, and to hear the Gospel at each practice and game.  Around 2000 kids have participated in Upwards Cheerleading and Basketball through the years. Cornerstone has intentionally reached out to the families who do not have a church home inviting them to worship and special events with great success. (Read More)


Second Annual GLOW Family Fest at South Webster Christ UMC (07/2014)

“We began this event as a way to bring our community together. Our church has an ‘uncommon love’ for families. We see too many broken families, too many single parent households and too many wayward youths. We want to let the families of our community know that we love them and we want to help them find restoration and peace amid the chaos of their every day lives,” said Pastor Sam Peters of South Webster Christ United Methodist Church. (Read More)

Mobile Farmer's Market Visits Chesapeake UMC (07/2014)

"We just want to help out and help families in the struggle to provide nutritious meals and  food for their families," Chuck Case, Pastor of Chesapeake United Methodist said.  (Read More)



A Day of Love - Moore's Chapel UMC (06/2014)

On February 22, 2014, the women of Moore’s Chapel UMC, Blue Creek, Ohio celebrated Valentine’s Day, a day of love, with thirteen young women from Moore’s Chapel and the surrounding community. Ages ranged from 8 to 17.  Prayer, love and sharing were the themes throughout the day.  (Read More)

New Petersburg UMC - A Gift to Others in Jesus' Name (05/2014)

For many declining churches the priority is to survive, as long as they can, however they can. Yet for New Petersburg UMC, in south-central Ohio, in a remnant of a small community, the last few embers, after years of prayer and contemplation, decided to be a gift to other’s in Jesus’ name. (Read More)

Wesley UMC Participates in Faith-based Pilot Program (04/2014)

The summer of 2013 afforded the Wesley U.M.C. (Jackson) congregation the opportunity to participate in a pilot program of the State of Ohio Community and Faith- Based Initiative. The church was a distribution point for the weekly Rural Meals for Kids, the purpose of which was to provide food for the households of children who, during the school year, qualified for free or reduced price meals at school. The benefit of this program was that all children in the household; not just school aged, received the produce and shelf-stable meals on a weekly basis. (Read More)


Summer Kick-Off Program - Sardinia UMC (03/2014)

Sardinia United Methodist Church began a community outreach in 2012 that we call our Summer Kick Off. It grew out of our Community Dinner ministry that we began in 2011, offering free dinner two Saturdays a month to anyone who came. We basically decided to amp up our first Community Dinner in June and take it out to the community, rather than just inviting the community in.  (Read More)


Chesapeake UMC MOPS Program (02/2014)

Often great ministry ideas can come right out of our own experiences and needs. In 2010, I began a new appointment in Chesapeake, and in August 2010 my wife Christine and I welcomed our second child Sarah into our family. Our son Nathan was 2 ½ years old at the time. It was then that we realized that we too needed support and encouragement. While talking to one of her seminary friends, Christine was encouraged to find a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group in our community. (Read More)


Who Knew?  Island Creek UMC (01/2014)

December 14, 2013 was just another Saturday to many people in our world. They get up, get dressed, go to the store, clean the house, fix lunch, play with the kids, maybe a basketball game in the afternoon; you know the drill. Well, we (the folks of Island Creek UMC) entered a completely different world that day. Seventeen ordinary people, all in the name of Jesus Christ, set out to help a group of people to whom living in poverty is just another day. We got in our cars with all of the “stuff” we had collected to take with us, food, used clothing, toys, toiletries, etc. and headed out for Kentucky.  (Read More)


Mt Orab Meal Outreach (01/2014)

Each month on the third Saturday, a dedicated group of servants get together at Mt. Orab UMC to prepare a free community meal. This community outreach began in January of 2008, after Steve McQuitty had a powerful vision to begin to feed those in need in the community. That first January, meals were provided for twenty people. Since that time, the average attendance by the community has increased to seventy- five people a month.  (Read More)