Jackson Area Ministries


Jackson Area Ministries was a creation of a merger between Methodist Church and Evangelical United Brethren denominations in 1968. At the time, Jackson County had 30 congregations divided between the two denominations. Jackson County, OH was designated (and continues to be) Appalachian, possessing traditional socio-economic/cultural/theological characteristics of that region. County United Methodist congregations bonded to confront the problems of poverty and congregational issues. The goals and vision was and is to create ministries and programs that through cooperation could alleviate long-term conditions plaguing our area.
HISTORIC CONDITIONS: In 1969, Jackson County had limited employment opportunities, above state average poverty percentage, large families living in substandard housing, and few public or private organizations committed to improving conditions. Since 1969, conditions have improved. Employment opportunities have expanded with two additional employers. However, incomes remain near minimum wage. Several public and private housing units have appeared, but with 1-2 year waiting lists. Four Habitat for Humanity chapters are now in operation. Senior Citizen organizations, RSVP etc. have been formed. County congregations have created ecumenical food pantries.

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