How Local Church District Askings & Conference Apportionments are Used in the District


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Shawnee Valley DISTRICT connectional giving  2016


TOTAL DISTRICT Connectional giving FROM OUR CHURCHES for 2016- $174,063


district equalization funds FROM THE WEST OHIO CONFERENCE - $10,000

                                                                                   TOTAL For 2016- $204,063          

The District Connectional Giving monies you send in to the District office as a local church will be used in our region/district in the following ways:

1)       Leadership Development - $32,500 -to enhance the leadership and ministry of local churches of all sizes. We invest in all our pastors and lay leaders through conferences, workshops and training.

2)       Discipleship Initiatives - $32,555 -to support our local prison ministries, university ministries, ministries with the poor, fresh expressions of church, etc.

3)       Lay Servant Ministry - $500

  • Local Church Lay Servant- to encourage laity to lead within their local church
  • Certified Lay Servant- to assist folks who sense a call into some form of ministry
  • Lay Speaker- to identify and train those who sense a call to future pastoral ministry
  • Lay Pastor- to equip laity to serve a church
  • Certified Lay Minister- to support those who want to further their training as lay ministers
  • Basic/Basic Refresher/Advanced Classes twice a year- to equip those who want to learn and grow

4)       Pastoral Care and Emergency Needs- $2,000 -to assist with emergency needs in the lives of our pastors

5)       Next Generations / Youth Initiatives -$7,500 -to support this program through training and mission opportunities

6)       Committee on Ordained Ministry- $800 -  to come alongside our Lay Pastors, Licensed Local Pastors, Associate Members, and Elders/Deacons

5)       Pastoral Clusters- $1,500- to help with the purchase of study materials and other needed expenses so that pastors are being challenged to grow in their spiritual leadership

6)       Non- budgeted Investment monies are available for Strategic Ministry grants and mission outreach- $20,000

7)       District Missional Staff- $22,500 -to help coordinate, support and lead effective ministry in our region

  • Next Generations Coordinator- to plan events for the next generation and network leaders
  •  Pastoral Cluster Coordinator- to create clusters for every pastor to participate in
  • District Committee on Ordained Ministry Coordinator- to oversee pastors in process
  • Grants Coordinator- to assist in determining the best use of monies for strategic ministry
  • Lay Servant Ministries Coordinator - to recruit and train new lay servants
  • Smaller Church Co-Coordinators - to provide resources and initiatives for our smaller churches
  • Spiritual Life Coordinator - to plan spiritual growth events and resources for our pastors
  • Prison Ministries Coordinator - to coordinate the district’s prison ministry

8)       District Administrative Staff- $77,708

  • Administrative Assistant/Vietnam Mission Coordinator
  • Treasurer/Communications Coordinator


In addition, since our founding in 2006, your Shawnee Valley District has helped make possible the following ministries in our district, state, country and around the globe with other monies. You are helping to make a difference in the lives of others!

Shawnee Valley District

  • Strategic and Emerging Ministry Grants- We have given $243,000 in grants to local churches and mission projects in order to enhance their ministry
  •  Capital Grants/Church Loans/Key Strategic Revitalization Projects- we have given $242,700 in grants and $65,000 in low interest 5 year loans
  • Francis Asbury Retreat and Training Center- $12,000- We have come alongside the camp in Rio Grande with monies and have held events there
  • Jackson Area Ministries- $11,500 
  • Next Generations / Youth Initiatives - $10,000 for special youth events, training and mission teams
  • Prison Ministry - $6,600 has been collected to be used to purchase Bibles, etc. for those incarcerated in prisons in our area
  • Angel Tree Ministry - $5,960 was collected in 2015 to support children of those incarcerated in our district by purchasing Christmas gifts on behalf of the prisoners.

State of Ohio

  • West Ohio United Methodist Rural Advocates- $1,000 – to encourage and support our town  and rural congregations so that they can be vibrant churches
  • West Ohio Conference Consultation Process - $204,890- we have had several congregations participate in this process- Hillsboro First, WCH Grace, Cornerstone, Jackson Christ and the most recent, Chillicothe Trinity.
  • West Ohio Conference All in the Family Consultation-$25,590- we have numerous churches in our district involved in this focus on families and discipleship
  • West Ohio New Church Starts- $159,160 - Ironton Resurrection Hope UMC and the Ironton First UMC were assisted in this venture
  • Hispanic Ministry – $8000- we have several churches and ministries reaching out to the growing Hispanic ministry in our state

United States

  • The SVD 3-C ERT Disaster Response Ministry has trained approximately 88 Emergency Response Team Members in order to be prepared to help with a disaster at home and beyond
  • Through Mission Call donations, we have collected $15,747 to assist in covering training expenses and supporting teams
  • Over $8,000 and many man-hours were spent in Coalton, Ohio (Jackson County) in the summer of 2015 assisting homes damaged by flash floods.


  • Vietnam- The churches and congregations of the Shawnee Valley District provided over $40,000 in 2015 to the churches, pastors and leaders of Vietnam. Since 2006, the SVD has invested $925,000 in order to help the Vietnam church to reach its people. You have invested in:
    • Evangelism efforts so the good news of Christ can be shared
    • Support of pastoral leaders and the mentoring of future leaders
    • Given monies to churches for basic needs
    • Made possible a vision to create new churches and to reach the various people groups
  • Imagine No Malaria- The churches and congregations of the SVD have provided over $46,683 to help curb and eventually eliminate malaria.  Another $42,000 was given by the Shawnee Valley district in matching funds.



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TOTAL CONFERENCE connectional giving for 2015- $19,000,000





SHAWNEE VALLEY’S SHARE OF CONFERENCE Connectional giving- $1,182,510 (100%)

                SHV District 2015 Giving was 74% which would equal-  $875,057



The Conference Connectional Giving you sent in to the Conference Center as a local church came back to our Shawnee Valley District and our Appalachian region in the following ways:

  • Disciple Making Grants- $60,000 will be given to 3 projects to help enhance our local churches
    • ü Ironton First UMC- $12,000 (Shawnee Valley District)
    • Town and Rural Resource Program- $5,000
    • Hocking Hills UMC New Church Start- $43,000 (Foothills District)
  • Equitable Compensation Fund- $37,464 will be given to 5 local churches to assist in pastoral leadership in strategic locations
  • Campus Ministry Grant- $27,000 will be given to 1 campus ministry to reach college students- Central Avenue UMC in Athens (Foothills District)
  •  Camp Otterbein in Logan- $162,000 will be given to help enhance summer camping and retreats
  • Equalization Fund- $50,000 will be given to the Shawnee Valley District and the Foothills District to assist with leadership development, lay servant ministry and support ministry projects in our region
  • District Leadership-  Over$250,000 will be given to fund the role of District Superintendent in the Shawnee Valley District and the Foothills District as well as expenses that go with those positions
  • All in the Family/Safe Sanctuary Training- $10,000 will be invested to help us reach the next generation
  • Stewardship Programs are being offered in the SHV District through the West Ohio Council on Development office in order to help our local churches thrive in ministry and mission- $5000

*$601,464 of the Conference Connectional Giving paid by our Shawnee Valley District churches will come back to directly impact our district and the Appalachian region of Ohio.

 In addition, your share of our Conference Connectional Giving helped make possible the following ministries in our conference, state, country and around the globe. There are many other ministries not listed below that your connectional giving monies are supporting. You are making a difference with your mission dollars!


West Ohio Conference


  • Retired & Disabled Pastors and Spouses Health/Pension/Benefits- $3,500,000 will be given to support health care for over 800 retirees, their spouses, surviving spouses and clergy who are disabled
  • The West Ohio Conference Residency Program is an opportunity for graduates to serve the first two years of post-seminary ministry as resident pastors in local churches. Similar to medical residencies, young leaders grow along-side an experienced pastor who is demonstrating local church leadership skills in a healthy congregation. Residents gain a guided experience in a ministry that is making and equipping disciples who are transforming their community and the world. Two residents are being fully funded and  four Summer College Interns are being employed as they discern their calling to ministry for $290,000.


State of Ohio


  • *       Church of the Master UMC at Otterbein University- $6,832 
  • Toledo Campus Ministry- $21,500
  • Ohio Northern University- $6,600
  • Wesley Foundation- University of Cincinnati- $22,500
  • Church of the Good Shepherd Camino Nuevo- $23,000
  • Puente de Esperanza- $24,000
  • Whitehall Communidad DeEsperanza- $19,000
  • Esperanza Viva- Mason UMC- $50,000
  • Jubilee New Church Start- Cincinnati- $58,000
  • Embrace New Church Start- Easton area in Columbus- $ 50,000
  • Rural Ministry Coordinator- Walt Goble- $2,083
  • Revitalization Grant- Spencerville UMC in NWP District- $20,000
  • Revitalization Grant- Gaines UMC in Cincinnati- $20,000
  • Revitalization Grant- St Marks UMC in CAS District- $24,000
  •  Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio- $10,000


United States


  • Strengthening the Black Church- $17,692 to provide resources, training and new ideas for empowering ministry in 2,400 African-American churches across the United States
  • Ministerial Education Fund- $889,161 to support continuing education for pastors, financial aid, scholarships for students and  supplement faculty salaries at our seminaries
  • General Commission on United Methodist Men- $13,143 to support devotionals for military personnel, Stop Hunger Now, Disciple Bible Studies in State Prisons, Scouting Ministries, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and many more ministries through UMM
  • General Board of Discipleship- $319,471 to support Young Peoples Ministry grants, Upper Room Ministries like the Prayer Line, Equipping New Church Planters/New Congregations, Lay Servant Ministry and other crucial ministries
  • General Board of Higher Education- $240,614 to help recruit, prepare, nurture, educate and support our Christian leaders- lay and clergy- through higher education institutions and the ordination process




  • Africa University- $76,329 will be given to provide a quality education in an African context so that persons can acquire knowledge and skills, spiritual maturity, moral values, ethics and leadership qualities
  • General Board of Global Ministries- $1,044,347 will be given to:
    • ​United Methodist Committee on Relief- It is a global, humanitarian aid organization. It works in more than 80 countries and is grounded in the teachings of Jesus to alleviate human suffering. It addresses issues of hunger, poverty, sustainable agriculture and health
    • Congregational Development and Emerging churches in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America
    • Community Ministry- Programs on Substance Abuse and Related Violence, Town and Country Ministries, Cooperative Ministries and Urban Ministries
    • Mission Volunteers- Volunteers in Mission, NOMADS and Short-term Volunteers
    • Missionaries around the globe


We are a Connectional Church as United Methodists. We help people around the world and people around the world help us.  Most of what you give in your local church supports your congregation and its chosen missions as well as your community and region.  But some of what you give supports the broader church and impacts the whole world.  We are better together and our ministry is more complete when we are united in our giving.  Thank you for the part you play in the ministries of Jesus Christ through the United Methodist Church!