Clergy Cluster Groups



Shawnee Valley District Pastor Cluster Groups (listed by County)

District money is available to help each cluster attain its goals.

Contact Kurt King at kurtisking15 [at] ()

Adams County

  • Leader - Al Bolte 
  • 218-256-7675 (cell)
  • revahb53 [at]
  • Meeting Day & Time:  2nd Saturday, 8:00 a.m.
  • Meeting Place: Frisch's Restaurant, West Union
  • Pastors Participating: Al Bolte, Dennis Grooms, Chuck Reeves, David Hilgeman, John Waugh

Brown County

  • Leader - Mike Starkey
  • 937-379-1225 (church) 937-515-1135 (cell)
  • m.starkey76 [at]
  • Meeting Day & Time: 3rd Monday, 9:30 - 11:00 AM
  • Meeting Frequency: Monthly
  • Meeting Place: Georgetown UMC
  • Pastors Participating: Carol Harper, Dan Pelzel, Jaime Wirth, Tracy Taylor, Sharon Hausman, Don Munday, Chuck Reeves, Al Bolte
  • Leadership development & mutual support

Fayette County

  • Leader - Jon Silveous
  • 937-763-9381
  • jrsilvo912 [at]
  • Meeting Day & Time: Tuesday
  • Meeting Frequency: once a month
  • Meeting Place: Rotation from the churches or homes of participants
  • Pastors Participating: Jon Silveous, Phillip Webb, Bryan Dunham, Rick Garrison, Mark Armstrong
  • Using:  Share ideas for ministry, prayer time

Highland County

  • Leader - Derek Russell
  • 937-393-2981
  • pastor [at]
  • Meeting Frequency: September - May
  • Pastors Participating: Mary Cyrus, Kevin Hall
  • Leadership development & mutual support

Jackson County

  • Leader - Janie Karl
  • 740-286-3419
  • janie [at]
  • Meeting Day & Time: Last Monday of the month, 11:00 a.m.
  • Meeting Frequency: September - May
  • Meeting Place: Christ UMC, Jackson
  • Pastors Participating: Bill Goodall, Janie Karl, Garry Hogue
  • Book reading and sharing time; periodic gatherings of family for fun events

Lawrence County

  • Leader - Anthony Thomas
  • 740-886-5311 (office); 419-708-1607 (cell)
  • nhumcpastor [at]
  • Pastors Participating: Bill Flannery, Jamie Mosley, Brad Jenkins, Tim Webb

Pike County

  • This cluster is designed to be a safe place for all who are called to ministry leadership.  The relationship begins -- at your convenience -- with Dan Evory, who is the pastor at Waverly Grace UMC.  The relationship, which is focused upon the questions, "How is it with your soul?" proceeds as needed in whatever way you choose.
  • Leader - Dan Evory
  • 740-517-0519 (cell) -- text or call
  • danevory60 [at]
  • Meeting Day & Time:  Flexible format based on your schedule
  • Meeting Frequency & Place:  The relationship may be in the form of a meeting every few weeks, texting e-mailing, phone calls, a party on the patio of Dan's house ....
  • Participants:  Dave Burriss, Julie Evans, Nikki Schobeloch, Keith Richardson

Ross County

  • Leader - Kurt King
  • 740-656-5291
  • kurtisking15 [at]
  • Meeting Day & Time: 1st Monday, 7 - 8 p.m. 
  • Meeting Frequency: Monthly (October - May)
  • Meeting Place: First UMC - Chillicothe
  • Pastors Participating: Neil Foster, Jim Steele, Jamie Wilhelm, Jerry Caddell, Kurt King, Jim Wade, AJ Bernard, Bret Fisher, Greg Gardner, Sam Mincey, Scott Smith, Joe Ziraldo
  • Topic:  Sermon sharing, County-wide prayer initiative, and issues and struggles leading a congregation

Scioto County

  • Leader - Tom Charles
  • 740-353-2548 (church), 740-285-4494 (cell)
  • charlest [at]
  • Meeting Day & Time: 1st Monday, 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.
  • Meeting Frequency: Monthly
  • Meeting Place: Cornerstone UMC, Portsmouth
  • Pastors Participating: Perry Prosch, Sam Peters, Pete Shaffer, Dennis Bell, Larry Moore, Wayne Young, Becky (Wingo) Bowling, Ed Litteral, Mike Musser, Rob Krebbs
  • Cluster gatherings are a time for fellowship, food, fun and sharing. Each pastor brings to the gathering an idea that has, or has not worked well in his/her setting. We also discuss other relevant topics of mutual interest. Periodically we study and discuss a text we believe will be helpful in our pastoral setting.  We support one another during challenging times and rejoice together when all is well.

Small Church Refocus Clusters

  • If you are under 50 in attendance and would like to be in a cluster that focuses on the small church, contact:
  • Co-Leaders - Sam Peters or Jamie Mosley
  • 740-352-8304 or 740-547-9899
  • samjoypet [at] or jamie.mosley [at]