8/28/2017 | Needed Items

New Faith church has faulty sound equipment and they are looking to see if any church has updated theirs and pushed the "old stuff" aside and not using it.

8/28/2017 | Free to a Good Home

Items are available at Walnut Street UMC in Chillicothe.  Contact the office for details:  740-775-7222

  1.   13 NAVY BLUE robes
  2.  6 cuffed deep GREEN robes (used by acolytes in the past)
  3.  3 GOLD robes
  4.  25 White Cherub robes - YES, need ironed, but once...
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8/28/2017 | Items for Sale
West Union UMC has this organ available for sale:
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3/31/2017 | Items for Sale

Lanier LD220 Copier, Scanner, Fax for sale.  Works great, no longer needed for our church.


Contact Diana Skinner / Frankfort UMC for information

2skin4him [at] ...

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2/26/2017 | Needed Items

Haverhill UMC is looking for United Methodist Hymnals to use in Sunday Worship.  At present, the church has no official UM hymnals, making it difficult for congregational special services with responsive readings.

12/30/2015 | Free to a Good Home

Kingston UMC has a small church type organ that we would like to donate to any church that would like to come and get it. Yes it does work !

11/12/2014 | Free to a Good Home

 Silver set:  ~12" diameter - One bread plate, one juice tray with glass cups (approx. 60 cups)

Gold set(s):  one plate (13" diameter), 4 juice...

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