Opportunities to Serve in the District
  • Conflict Transformation TeamsThe D.S. of the Shawnee Valley District, Brent Watson , is wanting to create a couple of Conflict Transformation Teams  in our District made up of clergy/laity who have been trained or are willing to be trained in conflict resolution and management. There are seasons in the life of most congregations when people have a difficult time working through conflict in order to find forgiveness and experience reconciliation. We want to be able to offer a process for churches who find themselves unable to move beyond their disagreements so that they might experience the healing presence of Christ. How often in the midst of broken relationships the congregation turns inward, chooses sides and loses sight of the mission? We want to live fully into the words of Jesus when he said, “They will know you are my disciples by your love for each other”. Please contact the District office if you would be interested in talking with the DS about this opportunity or would offer the name of someone the DS ought to talk with about this possibility. Thanks!  
  • Parish Health Ministry.  Please let the District office know of persons in your congregation who have an interest and passion in improving the health of people in their church, community and beyond. They may be doctors, nurses, nutrition experts, health educators, paramedics and emt's. We want to be aware of how they are using their gifts and skills in ministry to others so we can highlight them in our District newsletter. There may be future opportunities for health fairs, clinics or a medical mission at home or abroad.
  • District Guest Audits.  Would your church like to have a "visitor" come so you can receive some constructive, objective feedback in order to help your church create a more inviting atmosphere for new people? It isn't easy to see through the eyes of a new visitor if you have been attending your church for years.  The SHV District office would be more than happy to send someone to your congregation on a Sunday morning and then to sit down with your pastor and key leaders to process what was shared with us. Please let the District know if you are interested in doing a better and more effective job of welcoming people. We can always improve our hospitality!  
  • District At-Large Lay Delegates.  Each District is allotted a certain number of Lay Delegates to vote on items at Annual Conference.  In the past, we have had several at-large delegate who have not exercised their privilege.  This affects many issues and we want to have good representation in the future. Current at-large delegates have been contacted and given the opportunity to accept or decline the opportunity to serve.  Several openings are available.  If you are interested in serving, contact the district office for details.
  • Church Field Trips.  Beginning in January of 2015, the SHV District would like to make available to any interested church the opportunity of a Sunday morning field trip.
    • We will take the pastor and a group of key lay leaders from a visiting church to a healthy, fruitful congregation that is just slightly larger than their own.
    • We will worship at the host church, meet with their pastor and key lay leaders for a discussion afterwards and conclude with a free lunch.

    Sometimes we struggle to see what the next step is for us and so having the opportunity to experience it and discuss it with others can be inspiring and life-giving. It is important to learn from others- triumphs and failures- and to listen to those who are farther down the road than we are.

    Please give the District office a call if you are interested in a field trip and we will work out the details with you. We are willing to also secure a lay speaker for your church on the Sunday you are away!

  • Is God calling you to help change the world through mission service? Young people all over the world are encouraged to apply to serve as a United Methodist Global Mission Fellow, Global Justice Volunteer, or Individual Volunteer. For more information visit the Global Ministries website