2 Timothy 2:2, "Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others"

We need to continue to develop, equip and multiply spiritual leaders who can disciple others. Spiritual leaders have a heart for those outside the church and look for ways to reach them with the good news. They are willing to establish new places where spiritual truths can be communicated in a relevant way with those who are hungry to hear it. 

  • We want to witness 118 new conversions to Christ this year. What would happen if each church prayed and asked God for one new person to come to Christ? We never know how that one changed life can impact numerous others.
  • We want to see each church offer a small group, discipling experience for new Christians at least twice during this coming year. We sometimes falsely assume that those attending the church have an intimate relationship with Jesus. What would happen if we offered a class where people could learn about the basics of Christianity and grow in their faith?  Here are some resources the church might ponder using:
    • Scott Jones- "The Wesleyan Way-A Faith that Matters"
    • James Harnish- "A Disciple's Path"
    • Ellsworth Kalas- "Being United Methodist"
    • William Abraham and David Watson- "Key United Methodist Beliefs"
    • Maxie Dunnam- "Going On to Salvation"
    • Kenneth Carder- "Living Our Beliefs"
  • We want to see 118 new spiritual leaders who are nurtured and equipped on a one-on-one basis by the pastor and other lay leaders. What would happen if we made it our aim to raise up dynamic leaders who love God and desire to live out their calling? How would the atmosphere of our churches change if we were intentional to invest in new leaders and plug them into vital ministry that reaches out into our communities?
  • We want to see 25 new alternative places for people to worship, pray and grow in faith who currently don't attend our churches. Please look around your area and see where people gather who aren't currently attending the church. Do you have a university close to your church? a campground? a jail/prison?  a food pantry where people come for physical food? a lower income apartment building with a meeting area? a restaurant with a back room?  a living room where un-churched neighbors can gather? a senior citizens apartment complex? a near-by community with no vital church? a specific group of people that the church has failed to reach? Our goal is not to just get them to come to our church building but rather to bring them into a relationship with Christ wherever they gather. Please be creative! What would happen if we saw our church in multiple locations and meeting at different times in order to share the good news.


Vinyl Decals (4 x 6") are available for purchase from the District Office.

All proceeds will go towards supporting our Vietnam Mission.  

Each decal costs $3.

Contact the District office to check out a bundle 

to sell to your church members.

Important Dates for the Shawnee Valley District

Vietnam Spring Trip - April 22 through May 2, 2014

Spiritual Leadership Training Event - May 10, 2014, Grace UMC, Washington Court House (Guest speaker, Ruth Haley Barton, author of Strengthening the Soul of Your Ministry)

Rally in the Valley - May 17, 2014, Grace UMC, Waverly

Leadership Team - June 3, 2014.  We will be learning together how pastors can be more intentional on a personal basis to share Christ with pre-Christians in their lives.  Details soon.

West Ohio Annual Conference - June 8-11, 2013.  Lakeside, Ohio

District Youth Mission - June 22-27, 2014.  Host church is Christ UMC in Jackson.  Christian Band, Rapture Ruckus will perform for the kids on the first night.  Open to all youth 7th-12th grade.

Shawnee Valley Day at Kings Island - August 9, 2014.  Discount tickets will be available soon.  Watch for details.


Contact the District Office

 (740-851-5243 or reddy@wocumc.org)

for information on any of these events.